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A "Mini-mony" with a Big Impact


A "Mini-mony" with a Big Impact!

With only 14 guests in attendance, this couple prioritized an intimate ceremony

with all the little details that made it unique and personal to them.

An eco-friendly streamer exit makes

for beautiful pictures.. and brings

a little bit of the fun factor too!

Don't forget the classic "Dip & Kiss" at the end of the aisle!

Naturally... guests were provided "mini" tissue boxes at this "mini-mony"!

Individually sized champagne bottles

customized with the couple's wedding

monogram were not only in keeping

with the "mini-mony" theme,

but they were a tribute to the

bride's parents who also had

"mini" champagne bottles at their

wedding in the 1990's.

A personalized pen set was used by the

couple to write their vows to each other,

write notes to each other to be opened on

their first anniversary (a tradition they

plan to do annually) & sign their

marriage license.. as well as used by

their wedding guests to write

well messages in their guest book.

Adding to the sentimental vibe of the day,

the couple displayed wedding portraits

of their parents and grandparent

in honor of those who set the example

of successful marriages.


Linen napkins embroidered with the Peters family crest were incorporated into the place-settings for each guest. They can be used for many future family celebrations to come!


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